ADB Foods'

ADB Foods' main activity is industrialization, packaging, and selling.
Strategically located in São Lourenço do Sul, we are close to the state's capital and less than 200 km from the Port of Rio Grande.
Among our product line, we highlight:

  • Grou Short Rice - Oriental Cuisine
  • Grou Long Rice - Oriental Cuisine
  • Disempre Premium Rice
ADB Foods'
ADB Foods Ltda is a rice processing industry, located in São Lourenço do Sul – RS. One of the regions with the strongest rice production in the country. With over a decade in the market, the company values quality, environmental responsibility, and commitment to its customers.

In 2018, in the group of 177 active companies in the rice industry in Rio Grande do Sul, according to an assessment by the Instituto Rio Grandense do Arroz (IRGA), it occupies the 39th position in the ranking. The company's performance starts from choosing the best seeds with the producer, valuing the best quality of the products that reach the consumer.

ADB works so that its products meet consumer demands in terms of quality, nutritional value, taste, and appearance. The result of the company's 15 years of work is a mix of complete products, which every day win new consumers throughout the country.

In addition to the concern with the final consumer, the company also values its direct customers:
Markets, wholesalers, basic food baskets, etc. And to strengthen the partnership, the company invests in publicity through its Facebook page, Instagram, and website.